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 Fire Retardant Coatings

 IAG Fire Retardant Coating

IAG products are a high performance thin film fire retardant coating. It has been formulated to retard the flame spread across a wide variety of materials as well as suppress the generation of smoke.

This proprietary flame retardant two-part epoxy coating creates a highly adherent fire retardant barrier on woods, metals, concrete, plastics and insulating foams. It may be used to overcoat lead and asbestos.

Flame spread classifications were developed by Underwriters Laboratories and adopted by many building codes. The classifications are based on the numerical scale ranging from 0-25 for a class I rating.

The smoke generation indices are based upon the amount of visible smoke detected when a material burns.

Flame spread requirements for building materials within code are intended to delay fire growth, providing occupants more time to escape the area and provide firefighters time to respond. IAG products were tested to the ASTME-84 standard by an independent laboratory. IAG products achieved a Class I flame spread and a Class I smoke rating. A copy of the report is available upon request.

In the event of fire, IAG coatings produces water and gases, which snuff out oxygen and provides a cooling effect at the flame front. A dense char is formed, which further protects the surface from combustion.

IAG coatings may be sprayed directly from the container, after proper mixing, using standard airless equipment.

Surfaces must be prepared according to SSPC standards. Please review the application guide and material safety data sheets prior to use.


No VOC's


Chemically resistant

Water resistant

Excellent adhesion


DOT non-hazardous




Viscosity @ 25 C


 Tensile Strength

7,600 psi

Open Time

50 min

Operating Temp C

-50 to + 140

 Hardness, Shore D


Mix ratio by weight (A:B)


Mix ratio by volume (A:B)


Direct UV Exposure Applications should be top coated with a pigmented urethane.

To the best of our knowledge the technical data contained here in is true and accurate on the date of publication and is subject to change without prior notice. User must contact IAG to verify correctness before specifying or ordering. No guarantee or accuracy is given or implied. We guarantee our product to conform to IAG quality control. We assume no responsibility for coverage, performance or injuries resulting from use. Liability, if any, is limited to replacement of products. NO OTHER WARRANTY OR GUARANTEE OF ANY KIND IS MADE BY IAG, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, STATUTATORY, BY OPERATION OF LAW OR OTHERWISE, INCLUDING MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. June 2003

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