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What's New: Timber utility power pole fire protection report

Safe Storage of Munitions Fire Protection Coating "NavCoat"

MIL-PRF-81904 Specifications

NanoChar has been approved by the US Department of Transportation / Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) for LPG tank cars.

Now Available: High Temperature Knitted Mesh Reinforcement

Nanochar for LPG Tank Car Applications per 49 CFR 179.18 (c)

FRA Certification Letter

BLEVE is an acronym for boiling liquid expanding vapor explosion. This is a type of explosion that can occur when a vessel containing a pressurized liquid is ruptured. Such explosions can be extremely hazardous. For more information on BLEVE and videos, Click Here

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 Welcome to the Intumescents Associates Group Web Site

 Announcement of NanoChar™

ISO Jet Fire 22899-1 Testing of Nanochar Intumescent Coating

Intumescents Associates Group (IAG) now produces a high performance, VOC-free epoxy intumescent coatings to protect steel, wood, and other substrates from high intensity hydrocarbon pool and jet fires, and depending on the substrate NanoChar™ also provides corrosion protection to the substrate. NanoChar™ is IAG's latest product designed for fire protection and is the first epoxy intumescent fire proofing material formulated to incorporate nanotechnology. By incorporating nano particles into the formulation the key benefits are, enhanced fire performance, improved material application characteristics, cohesive and adhesive properties, impact resistance and overall durability. Click Here for Larger ISO Jet Fire 22899-1 Test Photos. For more information on NanoChar™ read our lastest Technical Bulletin.

Intumescents Associates Group ("IAG") is a producer of high performance, VOC (volatile organic compounds), compliant epoxy coatings to protect wood, steel and concrete buildings and structures from corrosion and fire.

 IAG Multifunctional Coating is a high performance, 100% solid, multifunctional epoxy coating with many uses including the encapsulation of asbestos, marine applications, power generation, gas transmission, and wastewater treatment facilities.


 In the coatings industry, 100% solids refers to a liquid material that will change from a liquid to a solid without losing mass. 100% solids coatings contain either no solvent or a trace amount of solvent from the manufacturing process.

Solventless 100% epoxy coatings offer the following advantages: "0" VOC's (volatile organic compounds). Total absence of flammable or combustible solvents. High build capacity. Superior chemical and corrosion resistance. Ease of application. Cost effectivness.

IAG Fire Retardant Coating is a high performance thin film fire retardant coating. It has been formulated to retard flame spread across a wide variety of materials as well as suppress the generation of smoke. Applications for these products include wood, steel and concrete structure protection, power and utility pole protection, fire protection and retardancy, insulation of building materials and many other applications in structural building.

IAG'S utilization of these technologies produces multi functional coating systems. These systems exhibit unique qualities, which now allow a coating system to solve more than one market need.

IAG's products are based upon unique polymer chemistry combined with cutting edge Nano Technologies.

The need to protect structures as well as the environment has driven IAG to develop high performance coatings with superior performance, while containing no environmentally damaging toxins.

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